Tempo in the Communications with the Client

Now I’m involved in a Project with a new Customer.

After the first meetings with them and after they receipt some minutes of the progress of the Project the client starts to be more confident with the state of the work.
Up to this moment everything right.

Last week we had a problem with the design of the production environment. There was something that made the system unstable. As usual, I tried to get the solution ASAP, reporting the client about the status of the emergency regularly…

Finally the problem was fixed and I only had to send 2 mails before fix the problem. I didn’t receive feedback so I waited till the weekly meeting.

During the weekly meeting we reviewed the mentioned issue and the different measures done to return to an stable state.

Well, so the client read the mails and waited for the weekly meeting to review the status of the system. There’s no rush with the communications. Of course they wait we fix the problem ASAP but, for them, it never mind to wait till the next scheduled meeting to review the status of the works.

I’m used to close the urgent issues with the feedback of the client ensuring that they agree with the work done, but this client is not going to take the trouble to mail me.

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