What google knows about you

The love-hate relationship I have with Google made me to do a list of where it is,

1. Location history

If you work with Android, check that you are not transferring data. It could be the case that your phone is sending data about your location, times, speed, distances done, etc…
2. The whole history of searches

They track everything and it’s here:
3. Devices accessing to your google account

It can be useful to remind the version of your old OS, first mobile you used to connect to google…
4. Extensions & applications accessing to your google account

Similar to the previous one. It’s useful when you are using the google credentials to access to other environments.
5. What Google thinks about you

This is oriented on advertisement. Google creates a profile with your preferences, age, sex, interests…
6. Google account Dashboard

You can check the services you use from Google and the activity generated from your account.

7.-If you don’t like it, leave it

All you already did belongs to it: you accepted the terms of use.

99.- What we do not know

At this point the previous tools are public and they let all of us to consult it. I am curious about what they know about us and they still don’t tell us.

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