Why do I need Big data consulting services?

A customer did that question to me; very simple question, no bad intentions behind it. He was looking for the basis.

I remembered him something so as old as the wheel: how the data to turn into information is really a repeated cycle.

BPOs and IT staff is really used to work with a volume & complexity of data that they manage with a lot of maturity, being productive information that drives them to make decisions with enough confidence.

The appearance of more complex data structures, the ability to handle the data in new manners and perspectives, the fact that things that were not measured now you have data about them, etc.

  • How can you give priority to all this? and not get stuck.
  • Is your staff trained to handle these new perspectives?
  • Is your company taking the advantage of all these new available data that you can turn into information, knowledge and value for the company?

The information cycle continues running, and this new paradigm of solutions make you to be again on the start line of the cycle, so you will have to walk again through it. Consulting services will accelerate the way to walk on it.


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