SalesForce Trailhead Developer Beginner

During these last 7 days I have been using my free time to complete the Developer Beginner training from SalesForce.

I have worked in Lotus Domino world during some years and so much of the concepts implemented in SalesForce have the same vision of Lotus Notes; the difference is for sure there are 20 years difference in the technology to implement that vision.

The similarities in the concepts with Lotus Notes made me to go quickly on the training sessions. The most useful part are the challenges and the code you can test at the same time you read the lesson. The usability and the way to acquire concepts is so good, the timing of 20 – 25 minutes is also good.

Do I recommend to go through this training? yes and no.

  • If you want to understand the basic concepts of the SalesForce platform and understand how powerful it is, YES.
  • If you loved Lotus Domino and miss to work on a platform as that, YES.
  • If you are a pure programmer that comes from Java, .NET world, you probably will find it boring, so NO.
  • If you find corporate workflows and business process boring, NO.

SFDC-Trailhead-Developer-BeginnerI will go through other one during Christmas time, Which one do you recommend me?

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