O Realty Income, notes

This post gathers notes related to a long position I am working on O Realty Income (O).

12 – November – 2019

Positive things found

  1. Strong hand buying.
  2. SPX continues going up, waiting for a correction.

Negative things found

  1. Entry price over EMA-50.
  2. Very expensive PE > 60


  • If price <EMA50 = second long.

13 – December – 2019

I executed the second long and I did a third long to try to compensate more.

At the end, I looked at the monthly chart of the stock and I saw that this is not a bullish stock anymore, the trend has changed and I was wrong with my thesis.

The result? I short the 60 stocks I bought and I did a 15% loss on the money I put on the table.

I have had to apply the action that I do not like from my system, but I have to.

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