Boston Celtics 2022-23

This is the initial value chain diagram I have built for Boston Celtics.

After reaching the finals last season, the expectations for this season is to reach the finals again. They are definitely contenders. For this season they have added:

  • Malcom Brogdom (reduce loses, one of the major issues last season)
  • Danilo Gallinari (veteran).

The major issue they have in the beginning of the regular season is the fact that Ime Udoka has been temporally replaced. Udoka found the team-fit in January 2022 and since them the level of performance has been very high.

The team has overcome a lot of hurdles during last season, so let’s see how this change affects the team.

Defensively, Boston is a very solid team that sacrifices themselves to limit the opponent possibilities in al positions. Having Marcus Smart (Defensor of the year), Tatum and Brown as great defensive specialists provokes high issues in the opponents.

Anything to improve? minimize loses, and increase rebounds.

Offensively, last season Tatum (24y) went beyond, while Brown (25y) keep his numbers high during the post season.

Value chain (October 2022)

Boston Celtics value Chain

Boston Celtics Wardley Map (October 2022)

Boston Celtics Value Chain Map for 2022-23

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