Who is the dietitian of your cloud?

The cloud bill is an issue in many organizations. This is not something new, it comes from more than 5 -7 years ago when cloud adoption started to establish as the standard.

I use to do the joke when asking the infrastructure teams about “who is the dietitian of your cloud?”, “who defines the menu and exercise of the “fat kid”?”

Cloud Dietician, as a role

  • Able to identify the part of the cloud bill with more fat.
  • Able to define plans to get the organization in good shape.
  • Able to lift the low valuable parts as a surgeon.
  • It’s a technical role, with ability to jump into financial and contracts space.
  • It takes design and architecture decisions to make the environment to be in “good shape”.

Identify yourself as dietician, and you’ll have a job.

This article written by Mike Julian points into the common mistakes done when trying to reduce the AWS bill.

Typical actions you can do on AWS

The initial steps for saving money is to increase the level of forecasting we can do on the services we are using.

  1. Buy Reserved Instances (RIs),
  2. Spot Instances,
  3. Look at specific savings plans.
  4. Sign an Enterprise Discount Plan (EDP)

    Curious about the trend

    I have checked “AWS cost optimization” in Google Trends, and this is the result:

    AWS cost optimization from google trends

    Visual support

    The Duckbill Group offers some visual content that helps a lot on discussions with customers.

    The Duckbill Group, AWS Data Transfer Costs

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