Generative AI, where to start?

The Generative AI’s hype is huge (bigger than the Virtual Reality hype happened in 2021). Everybody is talking about how wonderful that is coming, but when we look into our companies… where should I start?

What is the situation the companies have internally to face this challenge?

My suggestion, start drawing the situation AS-IS for instance the one attached below. Using the 4 types of evolution you can consider: activities, data, practices and knowledge. You can have one map for all perspectives or one map per perspective (more realistic for a real situation).

What do I do when we have consensus about what is the current scenario?

Identify the areas of investment where to start, and start doing it so you start receiving feedback.

In my example I have identified these 2 major actions:

  1. Invest on Knowledge based on your current knowledge in adjacent areas.
    • This includes not only specific knowledge about Gen-AI, but also about the required resources to build solutions, legal aspects and any other relative information that is used in the business initiatives of the company.
  2. Pay attention in how the Gen-AI practices evolve and learn from it.
    • Map the industry trends,
    • How the major providers are offering new solutions,
    • Security risks that are showing-up,
    • etc.

Build a business case where you navigate from the areas of the business where this technology can get benefits, understand the potential needs of the users, the volumes of of the problems you are trying to solve, start doing the initial calculations of ROI.

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