Agile at Tesla

I have been watching this video from Jon Justice in Agile Munich, and I would like to conserve some notes. I have seen some other parts of similar videos, so some notes comes from other sources. Goal How to build hardware in three hours. Notes Limit the number of people in a team (no more … Read more

Scrum + XP + SAFe

I’m a big fun of Henrik Mårtensson , and this time he comes with a couple of pics that made me laugh. why do you wrap scrum over eXtreme Programming while XP has all you need? and this other one: Why eliminating the short, information rich feedback loops is considered a good thing?

Why is important DevOps for an organization that wants to implement Machine Learning initiatives?

Machine Learning projects come with a lot of complexity in terms of organization and this type of projects are not just to be a challenge for the consumption of infrastructure services, but it’s going to be a challenge to the ability of the organization to deliver in a reasonable speed. Let’s start with some basis … Read more

Post-mortem incident analysis

After having a priority 1 issue in production, we conduct a post-mortem analysis. Some best practices (ground rules) We try to see the issue as an holistic situation where we can learn more than expected. From To Seeking Single Root Cause for an outage ➡ Addressing the multiple systemic contributing factors to an outage Prevention … Read more

Little’s law

Little’s law is widely used in manufacturing to predict lead time based on the production rate and the amount of work-in-process, and since Kanban practitioners use it in software development is becoming more and more popular. In fact the comparison for the outsiders of a manufacturing example where things are more tangible is something that … Read more

Spotify Engineering Culture

This couple of videos helped me to understand how agility can be implemented into complex software development environments. A lot of agility knowledge shared in these videos, and so many topics related to SAFe, Video #1, this is more technical oriented, you will find things as agility, squads, continuous deployment, how teams are organized, events… … Read more

SAFe Scaled Agile Framework

Time to learn, time to read, now working on a deal where the customer is implementing their own version of SAFe. There are a lot of documentation and intelligence on all of this, very interesting time learning about it. Something I do not like is that is a closed community, I understand that organizations need … Read more


This post is just notes and links about Large-Scale Scrum (LESS) and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE): Scaled Agile Framework SAFE framework: SAFE 5.1 big picture video : Beware SAFe (the Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise), an Unholy Incarnation of Darkness | by Sean Dexter | Medium Large-Scale Scrum LESS framework: Introduction video: … Read more

Organizational debt, DevOps and OpenSource

A debt is a debt, it’s something you acquire to be able to acquire other capabilities or values in a market, product, behavior… Every company have this type of debt with more or less exposure. This debt can be excess of organization (typically a big company) or lack of organization (commonly a start-up). Companies acquire … Read more