Critical Security Controls

I am not a security expert, and by this reason to read about security aspects is something complex, specially when you want to gain perspective of the area of security it’s being talked. The SANS Institute is a cooperative research and education organization which contains programs for security professionals around the world. They have the … Read more

Whiteout mail

Awareness about security is always something challenging, and have good habits in this area is important. Mail encryption was always a technical complex issue, but now it seems to be easy for users. The answer is this German company Installation Once you install it, you enter your user and generate a PGP key, the … Read more

HeartBleed vulnerability

Some basis I’ve learned about this issue. OpenSSL is an open-source implementation of SSL.  It is not the only implementation of SSL, and is not even the primary implementation of SSL.  Most vendors have their own implementation of SSL and TLS, which is directly related. OpenSSL is available as an installed package, or as a … Read more


The security on mobile applications continues being a big question for me, mainly due to the lack of security. I found Confide, which lemma is: Spoken words disappear after they’re heard. But what you say online remains forever. With confidential messages that self-destruct, Confide takes you off the record.  

More market for security business

The industry of security on IT continues evolving and increasing the amount of activities. More new created needs due to a continuous growth of the security issues and the need to protect intellectual property. So many markets are created through legislation that turn into more and more complex compliance activities. OMB: Agencies must implement continuous … Read more