The natural growth of processes

All of us have had the opportunity to see how a person, for instance Sam, with some technical skills and desire (or need) of implementing some technical tool that avoids them doing some repetitive task.

Sam is responsible of doing it manually, but he quickly creates a spreadsheet where he implements all needs he has. In this process a simple data model and basic business rules are created, in addition the way the spreadsheet is managed in his mind contains some more rules.

One day this spreadsheet is too big to be handled or there are some technical barriers that do not allow continuing working in that way. In addition he needs some colleague has seen the spreadsheet and also wants to save time using it.

Then he says “…I need other tool…”, so he gets some database tool and he learns all about that easy tool that allows him to face new business needs. They idea is growing and he wants to manage some procedures policies through the tool and add some other entities that should be very useful to manage there.

Once the new database is finished and it’s working and used not just by Sam and friends, but all department, one day the chief says, “…I need a report!…”

Then that tedious work that always was performed manually… again is automated by Sam.

One day the chief is surprised when discovers the existence of that tool; usually it’s an embarrassing circumstance: a quality audit, another department wants to use that incredible tool they have…

Then it’s time to integrate what this tool makes into the corporate map of applications. One thing is sure: the processes have survived to process of growth, probably they are right.

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