Mobility ideas, field services

I have been talking to a customer of crop protection industry and how they are trying to improve their customer support. One of the ideas he was commenting me was the plans they have to improve the service support of the agriculture with smart phones.

The agriculture has an smart phone, this added to the fact that they know where is the location of where the field is cultivated, gave them the solution.

They are implementing a mobile application for the agriculture, so the final customer can take a picture of a given number of plants that are not evolving properly. This is sent to the laboratory linked to an incident of their customer support environment.

The laboratory can know the temperature of the last months, the frequency of the rain, look to the different pictures, etc…

  • They can offer a better time response.
  • They will have more data from field, that can be used for so many activities; specially on the design of new protection solutions.
  • etc

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