Blue/green deployments

Assist to events and learn about products behaviors, their benefits and how disruptive is something is nice. Assist to an event where someone explains you the problems s/he faced is extraordinary. This is what Alec Lazarescu (@alec1a) did yesterday in the AWS loft in Manhathan, discussing about the Blue/green deployments. Behind the Scenes with LearnBop … Read more

AWS Business Professional

I have just completed the course AWS Business Professional (Released September 2015) thanks to the AWS Partner Network. It cover all major aspects of the AWS services in a easy way: Value Proposition Products and Services Total Cost of Ownership and Pricing Solutions If you have the opportunity to attend it, do it. (Reading from … Read more

SAP and their cloud journey

Some years ago SAP announced the creation of SAP Business By Design (BBD). This solution was created to gather the ERP needs for mid-size companies and be one piece of puzzle on the journey to move the SAP services to cloud based solutions (other are: successfactors for HR, Ariba for procurement). The relevancy of BBD … Read more

AWS CloudFront

I have started to work with AWS CloudFront with the purpose of improving the time response of the store. Initial expectations: Have an easy way to engage with the services. Integrated and clear invoices explaining the consumed services and unit prices. Training. Concerns: Need to understand how AWS and Google services are evolving in the … Read more