Some days ago a colleague invited me to a proffesional social network: linkedin. As all these new social networks, you enter your profile and link with other people… Until now, everything normal. What amazed me it’s the QA section where the information that you find there is so useful. Some of the sections are interesting … Read more

Today I found weird Error !

Last 3 days I have been working with a curious problem. An application was working wrong in a concrete part of the work flow, it returned a data error. I checked the template, the configuration documents, server configuration… All was exactly in the same way to last year but now it was failing. So what … Read more

Communication Skills

Universities include a lot of Subjects in their courses but none of these subjects talks about Communication Skills. In fact this is one of the main problems that a student has when gets a job and finds that doesn’t know how to reply a formal mail or how to attend a phone call. Amazing, no?? … Read more

About Usability

We cannot forget usability when we think in solutions for users. This sensitivity must be present even in all things that we do. I have read some of these articles that remember us the basic rules of this important aspect of a successful project.