NYC meet-ups

This week in NYC I had the opportunity to attend different meet-ups. Two of them were related to hardware, the other was related to lean management. I’m not an expert in hardware, but these two were the ones with better speakers and the quality of the speech was amazing. One of them was NY Hardware … Read more


We had the opportunity to visit this country, and I was surprised about so many things. We enjoyed a good time there escaping from winter. The city I enjoyed more it was Chiang Mai, the more fascinating city: Bangkok. (Ayuttahaya, landed Buddha)

Electronic device storage

This summer we were visiting NYC and find this weird car. The main sign says “Electronic device storage”, what the hell is that? We asked the lady inside which type of service it was. Apparently the high schools do not allow the students to carry on their mobile phones. This means they have to keep … Read more

Visit to Buffalo

I’m in Buffalo, we have travelled about 8 hours by car through Pennsylvania and New York States, going through the Poconos area that is an amazing place I have to stop anytime. This morning I was with some families of the groom and the bride´s father visiting Niagara falls. I have enjoyed a lot of … Read more

La Torre de la Canal Parda (2350 m.)

We climbed this mountain last on Sunday 25th September 2011. I need to remind the date. Eight hours and a half walking to go and back to the bus. Thank you so much to Amador and the other guys from Torrecerredo who helped us to go and back.  This is the route we took … Read more

Travels to do

List of travels I have to do, without an order: Route of 21 days walking on the Annapurna mountains. Bután. Walking routes in the Tibet. Lisbon – Oporto by bike (330 kms). Cali – Quito – Lima – Arequipa with visit to the mountains. French Guayana Pirineos mountains from Portbou (Mediterranean sea) to Fuenterrabía (Cantabric … Read more

Body worlds 2 & The Brain

Today we visited “Body worlds 2 & The Brain” in the Franklin Institute, in Philadelphia (PA, USA) and we saw an interesting representation of the different parts of the body that helps everybody to understand how the human body works. Today has been a very freeze day so this was a very good plan for … Read more