Reading novels

During my trip to Nepal and taking into account than then it was when I had some time to read. Since this trip I have read: Farenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury), The naked mountain (Reinhold Messner), The locked room (Paul Auster) and now I have started Mr. Vertigo, written too by Paul Auster. I have enjoyed … Read more

Nepal & come back

Nepal, Great Country Sir, if you have the opportunity to visit it, don’t hesitate, does it. Mainly if you love mountains, the trekking we did on Annapurnas was amazing. You will find pleasant people that always are delighted to attend you and all the “tourist” questions you have for them. I use to be a … Read more

Feedback Questionaire

I’m taking some holidays in Vietnam, doing a lot of kilometers during the few days I have. This country save a lot of traditions of their ancestors and some other things are more evolutioned than you can expect. One of the days we did a day trip to a place named “Perfume Pagoda”, you can … Read more