Licence to Operate for project management

License to operate is a quality mechanism for improving aspects such driving, performance, delivery…

I have seen these LTO rules in aeronautic industry, where the #hours, people and effort is huge and where the Cost of lack of quality is high. They have training courses to reinforce knowledge (earning points); people losing the license have to attend training sessions to follow the follow the processes. There is peer to peer reviews and there is audit reviews. They also have awards and other positive ranking tables to recognize the good performers (in terms of quality).

I have seen this also for developers, where they measure  the number of bugs they are reported on UAT.

Could project manager be measured by some type of LTO such #reports not delivered ?

A measure such this has positive contribution and negative outcomes, for instance, soft skills cannot be measured by this type of mechanism and they are really important for project management work.

  • Did you apply a license to operate for PM?
  • Does it makes sense for large programs?
  • Does it have more negative impacts that positive impacts?
  • Is it better to invest that effort on project administrative staff?

‘You don’t get your social license by going to a government ministry and making an application or simply paying a fee… It requires far more than money to truly become part of the communities in which you operate.’

– Pierre Lassonde, President of Newmont Mining Corporation.

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