Globe, regions, countries… areas of influence

Every single company is divided in departments, areas, regions, countries, …. units.

These units do not work alone, they need to interact and there is always an authority leading each its area of influence.

Nowadays I work for an unit facing the customer unit in front of me. There are other 2 units working in the same way, so 3 in total. One of them is leading the 3 units (name it: alpha).

The alpha unit should be leading their activities and coordinating the other units, leading them for the overall success of the unit team.

Instead of it, the people that belong to that unit uses the “alpha” label just as title that automatically gives them the right to ask for everything to other units.

The information just flows in one direction: their direction.

They sometimes forget that they have limited authority to ask for some things, and the most important thing is that their credibility is decreasing more and more.

They perfectly remind they have some rights, but they forget they have responsibilities too.

I have been thinking a lot about this situation that is not good for us, and the only conclusion I reach is: Protectionism.

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