They were happy and they did not know it

“They were happy and they did not know it.”, this sentence is used by a friend who also works on IT industry.

He uses it in some specific circumstances, which ones?

If you work with people, you know their role, the position they have in the company, how they are respected by others, etc.

On this work environment you work, there are people or groups of people that you can feel how they are everyday complaining about something: they are not paid accordingly, they are working overtime, they have more talent than others….  They complaint against their situation without taking into account all positive things they have; being very pushy about how that situation should be.

They are happy, but they do not it.

Suddenly something changes and their situation instead of becoming better, it becomes worse than they initially have. In addition there is not so much they can do.

Now they feel more frustrated than before, and they start to see how happy they were before. But it’s too late, they missed the opportunity of enjoying a time where they were happy, too late.

“They were happy and they did not know it”, very sad story that we can see almost everyday.

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