Motorcycle food delivery + technology = Uber for stuff

There are a lot of local express delivery in a big city that cover main types of activities with a good competitive price. Time is gold and sometimes you need to have a quick delivery that was not planned and you do not want to spend your own time taking the car or a cab to deliver something to the other side of the city.

Do you know if there is a platform as Uber for local express delivery? or if Uber is planning something in this area? I have seen  Gofer It (Uber for stuff), Google Express, and some others. These start-ups are growing on different geographies and it’s question of time that there will be a lot of competence on that niche of “deliver the same day”. In addition it is so much complex to put in place all this type of activity without the people who will deliver.

Think about all motorcycles that delivers food (pizzas, Chinese food, mexican…) during the nighttime. They already are there, and they already do a lot of miles during the day. They could deliver other type of small packages with very good delivery time. The mechanism is similar to Uber: availability, negotiation, delivery, prices….


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