Program business case

A documented economic feasibility study,

this is, in a nutshell what a program business case is. The business case is used to establish validity of benefits to be delivered by a program.

The business case:

  • Is developed to assess the program’s investment against the intended benefits.
  • Links the organization’s strategic plan and the program management,
  • it’s done to help the organization to achieve these goals.
  • it is the primary justification document for an investment decision.
  • Defines the success criteria that is maintained through the program.
  • Enables to calculate the variance between the planned outcomes and the achieved outcomes.
  • It can be basic, high-level or detailed.

Details found in a business case

  • Program outcomes
  • approved concepts
  • issues
  • high level risks
  • opportunity assessments
  • key assumptions
  • business and operational impacts
  • cost/benefit analysis
  • alternative solutions
  • financial analysis
  • intrinsic and extrinsic benefits
  • market demands or barriers
  • potential profits
  • social needs
  • environmental influences
  • legal implications
  • time to market
  • constrains

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