Wardley mappers know where the graveyard of “things” is, we do not need a “die” stage

The four stages defined for Wardley Maps is the result of a research job done by Simon Wardley.

When you are not familiar with the Wardley mapping concepts and principles it’s natural to ask where the “die stage” is.

Well, there is no such stage, as components of a map can disappear by many reasons and in any moment of their own life.

In general, the majority of the components are dismantled in the genesis stage, then their probability to survive increases as it evolves.

There are other components that survive, but after a while they are deprecated or their utility has finished so they just disappear of the map.

Simon Wardley has a chart where he explains this effect:


I have build a more simple and rude way to express it. “A picture is worth a thousand words”,

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