NBA value chain map

This is the first draft of an idea that is growing up in my mind, and it’s to combine the Wardley Maps with the NBA.

The NBA as organization is very rich, in so many aspects and it’s making a lot of continuous adjustments to evolve and be a competitive platform for the teams. It’s very modern organization in comparison with other professional leagues, not only in US, but around the world.

But let’s go to the draft map, this one:

Value Chain map for an NBA Team (purpose = win NBA Title)

The 4 main components of the map are:

  • Money, as this is a limited resource and it conditions everything. In NBA we have the salary cap rules and the Lux tax, where the team that is over its salary cap has to pay for passing this limit (this can make that a 5m$ contract in reality has a cost of 20m$).
  • Franchise culture: the prevalent doctrines that are present in an organization. The lack of common principles of these behaviors and believes are a serious problem for the franchises. A positive example: San Antonio Spurs, the other side of the coin: Sacramento Kings.
  • Franchise organization: NBA teams are professional teams, composed by hundred of people. I have seen Golden State Warriors have more than 1000 people working for them. There are so many roles and people taking care of every aspect of this machine. On the other hand you can see other teams that are not as well organized as them. This is a critical factor that is invisible for the average fan, but essential for the business.
  • Team: The team is key and visible asset seen by everybody, but it’s not just the arithmetic sum of coaches and players, there are so many things that impact on the good or bad composition of a team.

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