Building an app on

Thanks to Mark Craddock I discovered that basically enables the people writing machine learning code in python to show the charts, diagrams and tables not on the console but on a web page, so others can easily read the information.

I have some code done in Google Colab and it’s great environment for getting things done but once you have finish something and want to share it is complex for reading. You can read it on the code, for sure and adding good comments on the code enable a good reading, but not everybody is interested on it.

So seems to be a good place to deploy some of this code.

I started with one easy one: the visualization of the price, DIX and gex. I take the data directly from the web, and visualize with some horizontal lines that are key for the reading.

Data Upload

To upload the data I have created a python code that is deployed on streamlit. I call to this streamlit app through a github action.

The next step is to directly run the code from a python action in github and remove the dependency on

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