What is the cloud?

Weird things I have listened: It is a new IT architecture, It is the web 3.0, It is a cool name for the grid, You have the computers in your building but I use it, renting of servers!. Well, you probably have listened other ones. The cloud could be defined as a way to deliver … Read more

Painting Industry (OEMs)

The industry of the paints is very specialized as all other industries. The painting companies works as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) distributing their products in different ways and clients. One of the major portion is the set of paints done for big car manufacturers or other industries; where the amount of the purchase orders are … Read more

Kindle navigation from Spain

Using my kindle, I tested if I could access to internet and it was a surprise when I was able to access to other sites apart of amazon (last time I tried it, I was not able to do that). The reason was that I had just 3G connection, that just allows access to amazon, and now … Read more

Stock-Keeping unit (SKU)

Learning the manufacturing language, SKU is a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased. SKU use is rooted in data management, enabling the company to systematically track its inventory or product availability, such as in warehouses and retail outlets. They are often assigned and serialized at the merchant level. Each … Read more

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

During the work with the Logistics business unit, we are helping them to get the AEO certification. The obtention of this certification has a great value for their business: it allows them to access to some simplification during the custom process. http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/customs/policy_issues/customs_security/aeo/index_en.htm Member States can grant the AEO status to any economic operator meeting the following common … Read more

Safe harbor principle

I have been involved in some conversations related to these principles and the consequences on the future strategies for the workforce management. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safe_Harbor_Principles It’s interesting the point of the principle where this is a system where the companies are incorporated and where they declare to be agree wth the principles, nevertheless they are not obliged … Read more

Automotive coatings, a review

The typical process is that a vehicle takes through a series of immersion or spray baths by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These baths are: pre-treatment, electrocoat followed by a layer of primer, basecoat and clear-coat. These five layers protect the vehicle underneath from corrosion, scratches and chips, while also improving its appearance, it is … Read more

Transformational Vs Transactional Negotiations

I have read this interesting post in Mosaic Project’s blog, Transactional negotiations: “it’s essentially about trading or exchanging ideas, positions or things of value”. Transformational negotiations: “it’s about creating something new. At the point the parties enter a transformational negotiation they don’t know what the outcome will be. The outcome will be created by jointly … Read more