Communication Skills

Universities include a lot of Subjects in their courses but none of these subjects talks about Communication Skills.

In fact this is one of the main problems that a student has when gets a job and finds that doesn’t know how to reply a formal mail or how to attend a phone call.

Amazing, no??

For me the Communication Skills has been something I have had to improve a lot because at the beginning of my professional career I was so bad in this ability. Thanks to the vision that a boss gave to me, I discovered the importance of this aspect in my work and the need I had to improve it.

Nowadays the Communication Skills continues being something I need to improve because I face to other kind of Stakeholders and other kind of Situations.

Globalization it’s on your desktop!

I work for a company with offices around the world, in addition all our services are remote services. With it, it’s easy to understand that the business is sent to each office depending of the cost/quality level required to provide a good service.

The group of people I’m leading is so young and it’s difficult to me to transmit that in all of each task that they do, they must add a value that differentiates their service from the low cost offices.

If we don’t work adding a value to the work we do, if we don’t understand the business of our client, their needs, their requirements; in that case our work will be sent to India, where people is doing a big effort to do a good work and the cost of the hour is so cheap.

Globalization is on your desktop, the competition starts there.

Translate the Technical explanations

Today a client was asking me about the Limit of the folders in a LN Application.

After a while, I found a Tech Note in IBM site and I though, that’s the information my client is requesting me!

I sent the link, and after a little while, the answer was:


….There is not a predetermined limit but the database is limited by the number of “handles” that can be used. The number of handles is limited to 10,495. …

How many handles is a folder?? Who are you trying to fool?

He was laughing but not kidding.

I’m also a little pissed off becuase I cannot find a clear answer for this “Technical” explanation.

Hosting & CMS

I have contracted a hosting service with the purpose of develop different mini-personal projects that I would like to execute.

The service I have contract seems to be very good. After to look in different offerings, Javi told me a good one. He has been working with these kind of hostings for a long time, so his recomendation is the better option that I can take.

The first thing I have done is to install a joomla site. Some time ago I was working with other OpenCms . The evolution is incredible!!! With it, it’s so easy to have a good web site.