A memorandum is a note, document or other communication that helps the memory by recording events or observations on a topic, such as may be used in a business office. In the matrix organization where I work is an useful tool for communication, everybody work in their own silos, and sometimes they do not understand … Read more

Big data concepts

Some basic concepts for my poor memory: 1.- Support vector machine (SVM) SVM is the concept behind so many of the machine learning solutions the market offers. You want to identify patterns, classify unstructured data, discover root causes, optimize forecasts… so many of the code written to do that implements this model. 2.-Digital Twins The … Read more

CAPE or Shiller Ratio

I learned about the Cyclically Adjusted PE Ratio (CAPE Ratio) or Shriller ratio, and I found that in September 2016 this was 26,57. Looking into more data, I found this chart with data since 1880: