Blockchain concepts

Let’s review some concepts related to blockchain. Difference between an “asset first” wallet and a “network first” wallet Examples asset-First Wallets: Examples of Network-First Wallets: What is a parachain? A parachain is a blockchain that operates in parallel to a main blockchain, also known as a relay chain. Parachains are typically designed to provide additional … Read more

Conversation about CBDC Vs Bitcoin

Today I was reviewing the maps of CBDC competitive analysis and specially the one where bitcoin was added with Gerard and Pablo. We were discussing about the main components, their positions and we added some other ones. This is the updated map: Digital currency in China: project e-CNY Vs Bitcoin Main discussion comes from: Some … Read more

Central Bank Digital Currency competitive analysis

This post starts being a pre-mortem analysis of what’s happening at the end of 2022 with the CBDC of the main economies: China, US and Europe. This map comes from conversations about Twitter and the need to skip the 30% fee imposed by Apple and Google on their App-Stores. The relative position of the components … Read more

Token Network Flywheel

This is an interesting article that shows how the basis of the blockchain business model. Source:

Valuation of Utility Tokens based on the Quantity Theory of Money

This article is gold, I have learned a lot about the basis of the theory of money and token valuation. Thanks Jay Pazos for sharing it. Acronyms to remind: TAM: Total addressable market. SAM: Serviceable available market. SOM: Serviceable obtainable market, the market that the company can realistically address. PSOM: %market penetration of the company in … Read more

The impact of ICOs on cryptos’ value

I have had some conversations related to this during the last months. The topic So many companies/start-ups are opening ICO processes to fund their blockchain business. They create a business plan with a budget to fund it, the currency is in dollars/euros or other FIAT currency. The majority enable the investors to fund the project … Read more

Creating Your First Blockchain with Java

This post is the first of a series of posts explaining the basic behavior of the blockchain technology. The way it’s explained is very didactic.  

View Ether transactions live is the type of visual pages you can view for hours, you learn with the different things that are represented, and enjoy how they move. Last weekend had the opportunity to discover this place with a group of people that were explaining me the details about: How the transactions are validated, how the blocks are … Read more

Cryptoasset Valuations

Background I have had some conversations about the maturity of the cryptocurrencies market related to the maturity of the companies and how I miss to have the fundamental indicators as you can have for a public company (Revenue, Costs, P/E, balance sheets…). The companies publishing cyptocurrencies are private companies and they do not have  obligation … Read more


Corda is an open source blockchain project, designed for business from the start. Created in 2016 by the R3 consortium of financial institutions. Key features No unnecessary global sharing of data: only parties with a legitimate need to know can see the data within an agreement. It choreographs workflow between firms without a central controller. Corda … Read more