Summary’s Tips

In college I usually used the Summaries for helping me in study. I usually had a summary for each chapter and it was always what I used for reviewing the guidelines of the whole chapter. When I started to use the blog and the internet as tool for my work I always like to review … Read more

Close, close, close!!!

There is a moment in the software projects where you have to change the pace and the main goal of the work you are developing with the team. First, you are working in different functionalities separately and you need the team open their minds looking for technical solutions that make the project reach the defined … Read more

Some mistakes I have made

During the Project I’m currently managing I’m learning about some practices that I should improve. Basically these are: I had to define the third level of the WBS, only two levels were not enough, with three levels some assignments should be clearer and the monitoring of the project should be easy for me. The estimation … Read more

News in LinkedIn

Other interesting feature of this Web that allow me to know relevant news from my company that other people from my company are reading in the Internet. Great new point of view, not only the official.

Do you have the right tools for your work?

There are some companies that sends technology but they have not the right basic tools for their employees. I don’t refer to the top of the edge technology I mean the basic computer, the basic Intranet connection, a printer. Do you think I’m kidding? Other words, ergonomic environment are never mentioned and considered useless.

Sundays, great days…

What’s the best thing you can do on Sunday? Rest, run, love, travel, ride… “forget all!!!”. For me usually it’s Sunday or Saturday, which day do you have? A friend who track and field always says that as important is the training as the rest. The training cycle is composed by the training and its … Read more