OODA loop by John Boyd

Reading the chapter “Better for Less” of Wardley Maps I found a new concept to me: OODA loop. It’s a strategy cycle that stands for: Observe the environment, Orient around it, Decide your path and Act The creator of this concept was John Boyd , which Wikipedia page is really interesting to read, the basis are represented in the diagram … Read more

Six Sigma projects and professional exposure

Everybody recognizes the sales people has a lot of exposure with regards to their stability as a employees: If you don’t sell, you don’t get your bonus. If you don’t sell consistently, you are fired. A person leading a Six Sigma project where the target is to save some millions dollars for the organization has … Read more

Remove systemic hurdles

As portfolio manager, I have a team working on the execution of contracts, attending customers and trying to compete on the market with our solutions and value propositions. When looking I look at the way we sell, offer and deliver, you find systemic hurdles that affect negatively to the ability to succeed. By that reason … Read more

Six Sigma DMAIC Vs Toyota Production system principles

  Learning about lean principles, I finish myself looking into different Toyota Production System principles reading about concepts, culture and behavior. I started this diagram to remind these concepts and link them with a well-known methodology to me: Six-Sigma. Any mistake? Any suggestion to add?

Gemba attitude in situational awareness

Gemba Japanese term means “the real place”, in business  “the place where value is created”. To solve a problem, you have to go to the “Gemba” or to the workplace, the machine, the plant, … the place where the root cause of a problem is happening. The combination of Kaizen & Gemba are clear: continuous … Read more

Six Sigma Black Belt

After obtaining the Green Belt I continued working on the certification for Black Belt Six Sigma. The project delivered was very well appreciated, and there are so many details that were welcomed onto the analysis and definition stage. For those who want to work on this type of organization, my recommendation is to do it … Read more

Six Sigma handbook, Pyzdek & Keller

The cover says: “a complete guide for green belts, black belts and managers at all levels”. I agree, it’s a complete guide for the main aspects of Six Sigma. I have done internal training courses in my company related to Six Sigma: focused on DMAIC, DMADV, DFSS, and other tools. This book goes in deep … Read more

The symtom, the desease and the cure

Identify the symptom is useful for understanding the problem and setting priorities to overcome it. The disease focuses the attention on the underlying causes of the problem. The cure focuses on the actions to remove the cause and also take into account negative collateral effects. The lack of understanding of these three concepts is making … Read more

Bad news are bad news, that’s all

Introduce a “Six Sigma Improvement Plan” has an explicit problem, you are putting on the table existing issues, done from part of the audience. The situation becomes more uncomfortable when you have their bosses in the meeting. In some way you were introduced there like a fox in a chicken coop. The books say you … Read more