The Victory Machine

This book is good, not great, but good. It started being impressive with the story about the origins of the dynasty and with a fluent narrative that keep you engaged in the book. Then you start with the chapter “Kevin and me” and the book changes completely. It’s like a different author driving the phrases. … Read more

NBA players

When we are thinking about the NBA players, we immediately see the man on the stage driving, shooting, guarding and talking to the media. The point is that a NBA player is more than that: they are a company, a brand, and all that needs to be carried on. Basic elements of a player There … Read more

The Peter principle on basketball players

The Peter Principle The Peter principle states that a person who is competent at their job will earn a promotion to a position that requires different skills or different level of performance. If the promoted person lacks the skills required for the new role, they will be incompetent at the new level, and will not … Read more

NBA maps

This post collects the different posts about the qualitative analysis I’m doing about the NBA franchises. Today there are so much quantitative data about so many aspects of the game, but there is few information about other aspects of the game that are part of the day to day of a NBA team and that … Read more

NBA Climatic patterns

Climatic patterns in Wardley Maps convention are external forces that affect a component or an organization in some way. The table proposed by Simon Wardley is generic to the business and organizations. I have done this first draft for the NBA ecosystem, that I’m sure it will evolve:

Professional basketball conflicts and team cohesiveness

Conflicts are unavoidable situation when working with people. In professional basketball the conflicts and its management is a daily duty for the organization, coaches and players. The evolution of a team during the regular season and the play-offs is full of OODA Loops and execution. It’s not usual that conflict arises during this journey. On … Read more

Professional basketball evolution

The basketball teams evolves from different stages going back and forth depending on so many variables and factors. To understand better the evolution of the teams, I’m going to define a set of stages where each team can mainly fit. This will make the teams to evolve from one stage to others. These moves are … Read more

OODA loops in professional basketball

John Boyd is considered by many to be the greatest air combat theorist in history, and he is also the creator of the OODA (observe, guide, decide, act) loop. Boyd argued that if a fighter pilot rigorously goes through the OODA loop faster than his enemy, he will maximize the probability of beating the enemy … Read more