ASHEN is a framework used in the context of knowledge mapping within organizations. Developed by Dave Snowden, it aims to shift organizational thinking from key-person dependency to knowledge dependency. Let’s explore its key elements:

Dimensions of dificulty

To remember for my poor memory: Why this table is relevant? When you are explaining complex models or concepts, it is interesting to divide the explanation of complex going from simple situations to a more complex ones. These degrees of difficulty can happen in many perspectives, and the table contains different view that could be … Read more

Philadelphia BarCamp 2023

This morning I arrived to the event at 8.00 am and I saw the dashboard was almost empty. I said myself, well I can talk about maps. So I added my talk to the dashboard. I added it on the second session as I wanted to have time to prepare something. I’m very grateful for … Read more

Year 6, Q3 Agent-Based Modeling

This quarter I want to focus on the evolution of the course “Acelera tu aprendizaje”. This course started in 2022 teaching during 2 sessions during 2 hours each, with some videos and an exercise between sessions. This format has been tested and has good things and bad things. In December I was thinking about the … Read more

Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling

I’m doing this course: Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling, and I would like to keep some notes and screenshots. Models Introductory Models The fire model: The traffic model: The Schelling tipping model: Complex Models