Chat with Joaquín GPT

When you are applying to jobs some of the recruiters doing screening of the profiles used to ask about many questions that are in your resume or that can be read there.

The problem is that the recruiter time is short and they use to ask directly by e-mail instead of looking for it. I understand it as what they are looking for not always is there.

This gave me the idea of using chatGPT API to provide this support. Adding my resume, the list of courses I have done and a dictionary with other typical questions/answers I use to receive.

The result is this one:

For software developers this is nuts, I know, but for me it’s a challenge that I enjoy a lot discovering how to feed chat-GPT with other sources of data, build the vector database with such data, publish it in (all in python), etc.

Probably it’s not useful but it was fun to do it 🙂

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