Examples of Symbiosis

This comes from a twit from John Cutler, Mutualism  —   both species benefit Commensalism  —   one species benefits, the other is unaffected Parasitism  —   one species benefits, the other is harmed Competition  —   neither species benefits Neutralism  —   both species are unaffected

Innovation is hard thing

Edison’s electric light did not come about from the continuous improvement of the candles. ~ Oren Harari Innovation is a hard and continuous frustrating job. Your mind has to fight every day against the unknown. People says “oh wow, you work on an innovation project, that’s cool !”, but they really do not always understand … Read more

Mental hurdles

In every type of facet of life there are occasions where you suddenly are stopped and you cannot continue. You reach a stressful situation where you do not know what is happening and what is the reason you are paralyzed by something. The first reaction is to look something outside as root cause of the … Read more


There is people that are so demanding with almost everything. I would like to clarify that have not problem with it, I understand we all receive a lot of pressure and demand to deliver in the position of the chain we are; we take that demand, organize it, share it with others and then we … Read more

Reviewing paragraphs

Slogans make the difference, if you are able to find the short wise sentence that all people remember and love it, you will get it. There is a lot of work, subjective feelings to identify the right slogan. But for the descriptions of the companies, details on the “about” and other large sentences in my … Read more

Never ending story

You have to attend your customers and their requests, they challenge you everyday and you have to adapt to the challenges. Then you comeback to your office and find that your organization is in a continuous change where internal audits have improvements, forecasts have to be more justified and internal financial reviews requires more information. … Read more

No Connection crisis

There is a old quote that says: “The worst job in the world is to work with hungry people” In the Internet era, this saying has evolved to: “The worst job in the world is to work with people who lost the connection to Internet” I have seen this effect during this month twice, and … Read more

Unrealistic requests

Sometimes I receive weird requests demanding a lot of different information related to something related to my duties, but that are special requests that are out of the standard reporting rules. These requests have some of these features: They are not linked with any major initiative, program or business standard process. The delivery date is … Read more

Interesting week

So much meetings, write documents between meeting slots, good learning about tools and solutions I didn’t know, good advance in the main projects we have, some administrative staff solved and some team conflicts gone. I should be happy, but I’m just tired. First time it didn’t work so much well, but second time it was … Read more