South Africa, Cape Town area

This summer vacations were combined with business trip and the causalities made us to change the initial plans by a trip to Cape Town area. The decision was more that good. We enjoyed a very nice vacations discovering an area of a big country with a strong character.

Wild nature in all forms is the main thing you can find there. The road from Swellendam to Oudtshoorn (road R62) is a good example: in 220 kms you will see different type of country side: desert, high mountains, valley with a river covered with a dense vegetation, plain country side with many different animals…

RFI for big providers

RFI process serves in theory to the company to understand specific capabilities a provider has, so you qualify it to the RFP.

My point is that when you invite the big logos to an RFI, basically they all have these capabilities (or at least the ability to document that they have it).

Does it make sense to have an RFI step before the FRP?


These big companies sometimes struggle to engage internally and focus on the delivery that is requested.

Even if the delivery is easy to achieve, a good set of questions with different nature forces the big companies to demonstrate their internal coordination in short period of time.


To me the ability to convince a customer to procure your services depends on the leader that is assigned to the deal.

In big companies there are good and bad leaders. The buyer knows it. S/he also knows that it’s important how committed the whole organization is with respect your needs.

You as a buyer, do not know if the assigned leader will be one or the other, how focus is the provider to commit with you at all levels.

The tricky things is

that they sometimes fail, and it could be by different reasons, but you as a buyer do not want to spend your time/resources with a company that has not set the right leadership in front of you.

An RFI does not tell you who is the best, but enables you in some way to discard who is for sure not engaged with you.



PMP Certification

I passed my PMP exam this month.

I read the PMBoK, I did the virtual led training courses offered by the company I work and I did a lot of exams, reviewing concepts and learning the details of the exam reviewing answers and explanations.

There is a good bunch of exams on the internet, and the more similar ones I found to the exam I did were:

PMP Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations: 1000+ PMP Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions by Christopher Scordo (4-Nov-2009)– 1600 questions by Christopher Scordo.

Now thinking about the next certification or training course to take. Any suggestion?

MapReduce example

I found in a training course this conceptual example about how MapReduce works.

The sequence of steps is clear: input, splitting, mapping, shuffling and reducing.

I continue gaining basic knowledge of Hadoop, which is at the moment very interesting.