Identifying and breaking down inertia

Purpose of this article I am going to theorize about a phenomenon, inertia. When theorizing I am going to leave many things behind, but this simplification often allows the listener to differentiate what is important from what is superfluous. The context Things rarely happened as planned, in a world where information is asymmetric and many … Read more

Never split the difference

This book written by Chris Voss is a classic recommended by a friend. I started reading without so much expectations, but there have been sections that are really interesting and that give concrete advice about how to negotiate. Negotiation is an art that needs to be practiced and understand how to do it better is … Read more

CRISP-DM methodology

The cross-industry standard process for data mining or CRISP-DM is an open standard process framework model for data mining project planning, created in 1996. The process of CRISP-DM is into 6 phases or components: Business understanding – What does the business need? Data understanding – What data do we have / need? Is it clean? Data preparation – How do we organize … Read more

AWS LightSail notes

This post is a set of notes when doing the installation of a container in AWS LightSail. Tutorials Tutorial for launching and configuring WordPress: Configuration of key aspects = WordPress Packaged By Bitnami For AWS Cloud: Notes Port 22 is the default port for SSH connections. MariaDB Bitnami commands Edit wp-config.php = … Read more