Who is behind the project?

I work planning the future all the time, not only when I’m working on a project, I love to trace the vision about the reactions of a client, how the people feel in the team, how people are tracing their proffesional careers. I suppose that almost everybody in these kind of positions do it. Sometimes … Read more

Why do you need a PMO?

Reading about the implementation of a PMO, first phase needed is to create the conditions for change. As part of it, there is the need o creating a sense of urgency and economic value. Some general remarks to create this need: Failures in projects (low trust, bad income…), High time + energy consumption for upper-managers, … Read more

Why PMOs Implementations fails?

I have been reading about this issue becuase it’s important to learn where other failed in order to try to avoid it. Mainly it’s due to different combinations of factors: Understimating scope of organizational change needed, lack of methodology while managing projects, Insuficient time to develop competent proffesionals, Bad timing, Inadequate or insuficient change management … Read more

Preparing PMO Approach

There are a lot of expectations in the creation of the PMO in our site. They want a PMO; they don’t know what it is and what not, but they want one. In this scenario where expectations are so high, the first thing to do is to manage them. At this time I think I … Read more

Building a PMO

Build a PMO will be one of my new responsibilities during next months. It’s not going to be easy but it’s a great challenge that I really need. What would be the starting point for this PMO? The starting point is that there are some good business reasons to create this PMO: local market, growth … Read more

Start with no

I was looking for an useful book about how to approach a negotiation. I found this one: start with no by Jim Camp. Some notes taken while I have read: You don’t need to close this deal, You “want”, you don’t “need”, Don’t worry about rejection, Do “cold” calls no “hot” calls, Negotiation never ends, … Read more