Workshop on Digital Design

A nice workshop where some basis and theories about how the digital design influences on the decisions of a digital user. Presented by Brian Cugelman. Most of the participants were UX developers and consultants looking for the next pattern and ideas to improve their web and mobile applications.

What motivates in a positive and negative way to an user:


Five seconds test: this practical exercise was the best part of the session. After look for a web/mobile page, we replied to these questions.


Getting Manufacturing Metrics Right

I assisted to this Webinar presented by Gartner, and the more interesting part of the conversation was when the discussion was on this table:

Align Analytics And Metrics Usage One of the figures commented during the event was that 70% of the data the manufacturing companies have is not used. There is still so much progress in terms of metrics that can be done.

For descriptive, diagnostic and prescriptive metrics the companies have so much in place and the maturity is good. But in terms of predictive metrics, here in the same way that retail companies are already analyzing the behavior of the consumers, the manufacturing companies can still open the use of prediction to look for benefits in terms of quality, time response and quality.

On the survey done to 83 people from the sector, there was a question:

In which areas is your organization planning to drive business value from the use of manufacturing metrics currently and over the next two years?

The answer was:

Future-Metrics-ManufacturingThe 4 areas that are in the minds of more people are:

  • Capacity utilization.
  • Understanding of true manufacturing costs.
  • Faster and better decision making.
  • Demand forecast accuracy.

The question that came to my mind was:

how can predictive metrics help to the business to improve these four areas?

My thoughts:

  • Capacity utilization: here predictive metrics can have an important impact.
  • Understanding of true manufacturing costs: here what we have to analyze is the past, not the future. Diagnostic metrics are more useful.
  • Faster and better decision making: here predictive metrics can have an important impact.
  • Demand forecast accuracy: here again diagnostic metrics are more useful.

Crowdchat session

I have assisted to a crowdchat session, and it has been an interesting experience:

  • The integration of chat-twitter,
  • How all data can be shared,
  • How easy is to access to the profiles of the people attending the chat.
  • There is a blocking feature for trolls,
  • There is a panel on the right to know the latest posts added to the chat.
  • Sometimes there are so much interactions and you have few milliseconds to read each post.

Migrate from Lotus Notes to Slack

During these years, the 66% of big companies are moving from Lotus Notes to Outlook as e-mail platform. I am affected by this migration and I can only say that my efficiency has not improved, I really cannot change the way to work or share information… it’s almost the same.

What is disruptive it is to move from Lotus Notes to Slack.

  • How many integrations can you do with Outlook?
  • Is Microsoft allowing to the developers community to work and enable new integrations?
  • What is the next good integration in Outlook?

In Slack, the community of developers take the risk to develop something, and if the people use it, it becomes popular and then Eureka! they have build something useful.

Zurmo upgrade 2.8.6-3.0.4

On CPanel, there is an upgrade available for Zurmo. I have tried to execute it and it returns me the following message of error:

The following errors were found :
Could not complete Zurmo upgrade phase 1 2.7.3-2.8.6
Could not complete Zurmo upgrade 2.7.3-2.8.6
Could not complete Zurmo upgrade phase 1 2.8.6-3.0.4
Could not complete Zurmo upgrade 2.8.6-3.0.4

I have today the version 2.8.5.

I have checked the upgrade folder and the upgrade zip is there with the following name:

What could be the problem?

Do I need to have first the upgrade from 2.8.5 to 2.8.6?


Ability to code is a skill that today almost everybody recognize as a very valuable skill that soon will be something that will be mandatory.

Develop this skill as soon as possible is something interesting for those kids that likes computers, tablets and maths. To have the right environment to introduce programming, a IDE an how to interact with it is something key to break the initial barriers of knowledge. In addition, kids don’t work, they play (which is the right thing to do), so it has to be a “game” environment to develop.

How? with Scractch.


Digital Marketing events in soccer

The soccer teams are running to evolve in their way to reach new supporters and promote new ways of engage with their brands.

  1. In May 2015, Real Madrid and Microsoft did it first, they focus on 450 millions of fans.
  2. In August 2015, Manchester United and HCL, announced the second major contract at this level, with a focus on 659 millions of fans.
  3. In September 2015, Chelsea and Wipro , announced their digital transformation, fan engagement. The focus is 50 millions of fans.

The target of the “global supporter” is very appealing and soon other teams will do the same to do not be out of competition.

I do not know which strategy is followed by other sports, I only know basketball world. In basketball, the NBA leads the marketing to reach the supporters globally, not the teams. In Europe, there is not such organization and the impact of basketball does not reach other geographic regions.

Zurmo, creating your own report through SQL

I’m having an issue with the execution time of the scripts in Zurmo so I have created the following SQL statement to extract the data I need:

SELECT `contact`.`id` contactid, `contact`.`companyname` companyname, `person`.`firstname` firstname, `person`.`lastname` lastname, `email`.`emailaddress` emailaddress, `address`.`state` state
FROM `contact`
INNER JOIN `person` ON `person`.`id` = `contact`.`person_id`
INNER JOIN `email` ON `email`.`id` = `person`.`primaryemail_email_id`
INNER JOIN `address` ON `address`.`id` = `person`.`primaryaddress_address_id`
`contact`.`state_contactstate_id` != ‘7’
OR (
`contact`.`state_contactstate_id` != ‘8’
) limit 900 offset 0

Issue exporting Zurmo report, maximum execution time exceeded

I have an issue with Zurmo and I still have not been able to fix it.

The issue occurs when I try to export a big report into .CSV file. It returns this error:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/username/public_html/ws/app/protected/core/models/RedBeanModel.php on line 1279

I have done the following steps below to change the max_execution_time, but it still the execution of the report in Zurmo still shows 30 seconds limit.

1.- I modified the php.ini file

  1. Locate and edit the php.ini file.
  2. Modify max_execution_time = 300
  3. Save Changes.

2.- I made the php.ini file “recursive”, so it affects to all child folders as well.

  1. I edited .htaccess file
  2. Added the line code in the first line of the file: suPHP_ConfigPath /home/username/public_html
  3. Refreshed the phpinfo.php page in other public folder, and I have seen the changes reflected there.


  • A cleaned .htaccess file should not have any lines that begin with “php_value” and “php_flag”. If so, you need to move these lines to the php.ini file.

It works!

IMG_0227This week we were a day watching US Open in Flushing Meadows. Fantastic experience enjoying the whole day there!!