LSA follows MSA

Master Service Agreements (MSA) are signed in a global account around the world and part of the moon. Nevertheless it’s necessary to have the Local Service Agreement (LSA) in order to detail how we are going to work from this area or country. Let’s define this overall framework with more details. No LSA = no … Read more

Pentaho & BusinessObjects

Somebody told me that try to compare both tools. I don’t know how to compare Pentaho with BusinessObjects, I think that is not an useful exercise, you can find tons of functional comparatives. From my modest knowledge, Pentaho is this type of open source tools that have an excellent growth and that reachs a level … Read more

What means cloud computing for me

It’s something that is essentially presented as a “service”: platform as service, solution as service, wine as service…. But it also should have some technical features that makes you able to identify as “cloud”. It’s offered in an independent platform. There is proven security in terms of data and is privacy compliant (this is the … Read more

The value of the age

Listen the video and find all these words: Understand what has to be done, understand the responsibility of leading a work team during a year, understand that lead a team is not something easy, the trust, work with team, understand young people, share things with them, how to approach, intelligence, to win the thing, compete, … Read more

F1 races are boring !

If you have the opportunity to watch a F1 race on TV you will see as the interesting things happen: on first lap, when cars enter to change wheels (once or twice a race), if you’re lucky, on last 2 laps (someone breaks the engine). A race is around 80 minutes and just 10 are … Read more

IT Support evolution

I had some time and a notebook and I wrote this thinking about the IT service support trends. It seems to be a stupid exercise, but it’s funny to see that the concepts offered yesterday, today and probably tomorrow, all are the same. With the risks and fears of the client, it’s more or less … Read more

"Out of scope" is mandatory

“Out of scope” is mandatory on project definitions, …… why? it’s the contract !!! and from the simplest to the more complex projects, your client can find pieces of work that for your perception should be “out of scope” but from their perception is “in scope”. For sure, perceptions are not contracts, but they can … Read more

Yahoo pipes & JSON

I have returned to use the yahoo pipes, and I have discovered an strange blue RSS blue icon. It’s a JSON feed !!! I don’t know what is the yahoo strategy with this application, but yahoo has published some applications in a new panel of my e-mail but pipes is not shown there 🙁 Anyway, … Read more