If I ask for something it’s because I need it

We work in complex environments where you have clear identified activities under your accountability and other activities derived of the position you have.
If you are service manager you have to deliver all the activities derived from the service perspective: green SLAs, reports, RCAs,…
On the other hand, there will be some other things that are required to you. These requirements that are directly related to your service but they are not part of your daily activities and that seems to not be initially important. People start to make questions as:
“…what is more important SLA or this excel to fill in?…”
Of course SLA is more important, no doubt, but it’s also supposed that you know you work in a complex environment and that this type of ‘other’ information I’m requiring to you is in some way important: in short term is not important for your service but in long term it could be. You should be aware that account activities tries to work on future contracts, capabilities, contractual requirements at account level… so please attend this punctual requests.
I have explained in the monthly meetings the incoming requests you are going to receive with this respect and the business objective we pursuit with this information, so you should know it, isn’t?
I think I need to perform more and better communications

(La Sauceda, Cádiz, Spain)

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