Linkedin for SalesForce

Linkedin for SalesForce, this is other business development activity done between these two companies that have demonstrated how to leverage new niches of collaboration and partnership.

SalesForce offers its customers the way to improve their sales, Linkedin offers the access to probably the bigger data warehouse of professional people.

LKDN sfdcSales people use to have a big bunch of cards with their contacts. One of the issues some companies have is that one a sales person leaves the company the some customers go behind him, and they suddenly find that there is not any information about the people behind the portfolio of customers they have. Yes, this still happens.

So, why to purchase it? You can enable that your commercial people link their contacts to your CRM. So at least you have the name of the people.

For sure, this not ensure commitment, trust and other things, but it is another step to have the ownership of your sales process.


Looking into the evolution of the home automation, I found OpenRemote, that defines it self as “the professional open source middle-ware for an Internet of Things”.

It’s a great idea/system – but I would like to see if this will become an standard so the time the industry invests promotes to have cheap prices and compatible switches, sensors and devices.

It’s similar concept to Microsoft’s HomeOS.

openremote-cloudOne company implementing their products with OpenRemote is Mi Casa Verde , they have controllers, climate, security, energy and lighting products.


WordPress plugins

For my poor memory,

1.- Contact Form 7 – Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.

2.- Force Regenerate Thumbnails – Useful if your site already have a lot of content and images. Allows you to delete all old images size and regenerate the thumbnails for your image attachments.

3.- Acunetix WP Security. Useful for security checks.

4.- W3 Total Cache, improve time response.

5.- Smushit, compress image files.

6.- WPTouch, adapts the look & feel to the different mobile formats.

Updated in 2015

7.- WordPress SEO by Yoast, for improving the SEO of each post.


Evolving on SAP knowledge

My background is not SAP, but since last 3 years I’m delivering different services as LoS Lead related to SAP. The Service Managers are great professionals and that give me very good explanations about processes, modules, technical aspects…

I’m not an expert, and it will take really so much years or a drastic change of direction in my career to be really an SAP expert. But I’m happy of having an opportunity I’m working, it’s an SAP technical upgrade for an ERP that is in SAP 3.1i

I`m learning about the main processes managed by the ERP, some details that we will have to change, as the ECC6 works deliver the processes in a different way. I’m learning how the Production Orders are sent to the scheduler and they come back with the schedule to SAP, how the cost of the production is calculated and how they delegate some processes to external applications.

So many new things that make me happy!

DSC00757(In a restaurant in Atlantic City, NJ)

A different way of doing things

I’m visiting a customer and we have talked about the different initiatives they are working. They are a medium size business unit that belongs to a big corporation and that due to the agreements they have, they keep some type of independence in terms of IT. They have their own IT road-map and budget.

Both companies, the main and the BU, have in their long term road-map the same goal: move from LN platform to MS-Office 365.

The difference? the way to reach that goal.

First approach, the big corporation has started migrating the e-mail. They have had so many issues with the migration and the transformation of workflow and document management applications have still not started (more than 8 months of delay). The users are not happy with the individual productivity they have due to they still have to open LN for the applications and they mainly are working with 2 e-mail tools.

It’s clear the complexity of the project is huge, but the expenditure associated to the project delay: more project teams budget, OPEX generated by having to maintain two e-mail platforms is huge. When reviewing the assumptions done for that program, so many of them are unrealistic.

The second approach, the business unit have started migrating customized applications in a SharePoint Farm. They have not so much budget to spend, they cannot plan million dollars projects and they need to keep the expenditure as minimum. They have commented that the savings proposed by Microsoft are based in a conditions that they do not have, their system is small and the #users are not so big. This added to the fact that the productivity of their system is very high, supposes that the migration project requires so much time to have positive ROI.

They are developing SharePoint applications, starting with simple ones and having the real feeling about how to work with them. They have found that the maturity of the platform needs to increase and that the user experience is also something that they expected to be higher. They understand that to have the complete package of Office will increase the productivity, but the real fact is that they cannot pay all these amount of licenses. They are happy with the LN applications: they do what they have to do, no more.

For sure the annual investment they are doing is not so high, so the business is happy with the approach and the expenditure.

For sure they will migrate to Outlook, but just when all the applications will be out of LN, the basic principle is: do not pay two licenses.

I’m willing to see in some years how these two programs evolved.

Time to wait

I have been working during last 6 months on a business case with a new customer. 5 versions of the solution, so many details in terms of assumptions approaches ROI analysis, meetings to define directions, align expectations…

3 weeks ago, the customer steering committee decided to go ahead with the project. So much delay for a project which the first project package should be in production before 2nd week of October, but with some adaptions we can reach that deadline.

We have worked on the contract during a week and now is delivered. The customer wants to start next Monday and they want us to procure the infrastructure, travel for workshops and start labor expenditure.

If we go ahead without the purchase order signed we will work at risk, if we wait for the sign off and that takes 2 weeks, there will not be project.

This is a new customer, they have taken so much time to make a decision, we understand that you need time to decide, but the constrains were there and now the real consequences are here: there could be a “no go”.

In any case the decision is clear, no work at risk, provide us the approved PO and we will then progress as planned. There are things that we simply cannot accept.

PTC products

We have been reviewing PTC Integrity solution, and I have been seen this other video that talks about the integration with Windchill, but that really is interesting for me due to the explanation of the requirements complexity in different industries.

In other customer I’m starting to work with, they are working with PTC Optegra, that enable the CAD departments to manage and control CAD files, along with other CAD data and non-CAD-related product development information. PTC Optegra is focused on the product lifecycle management (PLM) processes.

Taleo Search Engine

Have you tried to use the Taleo Search Engine? You enter different fields to look for different positions, but the engine does not work.

I do not the reason, maybe is my computer, but I have tried in different places without success.

On the other hand the way you can search is very limited in comparison with other places where more ways to reach the information you are looking for. The user experience is not good using this search system and it’s not intuitive in the way we use to work nowadays. My reaction is “I do not want to use this system I will look in a different place for the same information”.

Reviewing paragraphs

Slogans make the difference, if you are able to find the short wise sentence that all people remember and love it, you will get it. There is a lot of work, subjective feelings to identify the right slogan.

But for the descriptions of the companies, details on the “about” and other large sentences in my honest opinion the situation is different.

I use to receive requests to review 2 paragraphs that they are almost the same. Just some differences that seem to make big difference, but they don’t.

People reading this type of information in the 99% of cases do not pay attention to these details, the majority of people read diagonally.

But it is also true that the pending 1% reading the details probably will be the potential investors on your company that are looking for how detail focus you are 🙂

IMG-20130516-00304(Tanger, May)