Examples of Symbiosis

This comes from a twit from John Cutler, Mutualism  —   both species benefit Commensalism  —   one species benefits, the other is unaffected Parasitism  —   one species benefits, the other is harmed Competition  —   neither species benefits Neutralism  —   both species are unaffected

Changing incentives

The incentives are present in many ways and it’s the lever that companies use to foster the values and behaviors they are waiting from their employees. These cartoons were created by Google employee Manu Cornet and they triggered Satya Nadella (Microsoft’s CEO). The need of doing something to solve it was clear, the sense of urgency was … Read more

Hedonismo ilustrado

A partir de este artículo de Marcos me puse a leer más cosas sobre el estoicismo, y por ende también he leído algo más para enteder el hedonismo ilustrado; por ejemplo este otro: https://cunctator.org/articulos/hedonismo_ilustrado_consumismo/

Martin Scorsese-style

Looking the things with the right perspective Sometimes the smaller choices we make in daily life add up to patterns so routine, so familiar, that we fail to recognize them. Sometimes we are so busy making choices between what is right in front of us, that we fail to see the potential options that sit … Read more

VRoom’s Expectancy theory

Expectancy theory proposes an individual will behave or act in a certain way because they are motivated to select a specific behavior over other behaviors due to what they expect the result of that selected behavior will be. Expectancy theory has three components: Expectancy: effort → performance (E→P) Instrumentality: performance → outcome (P→O) Valence: V(R) … Read more

Limiting beliefs

The dictionary says that a belief is an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. The beliefs are the pillars of the expectations. These beliefs are built during our childhood, and after that they become strong and part of our personality. To discover and modify these beliefs is not part of … Read more

Houston we have a problem in Banana Island

This is the situation, big organization with issues in an office that is located in the other part of the world. The problems started to arise since months but the main office have been ignoring, underestimating, having other priorities… But the big day came, the situation has exploded and have enough visibility to hide it. … Read more