Survive, this is the more powerful fuel you can have, the need to survive is a basic instinct that is there and when it’s pushed, it works and put people on motion. People often move or react by different reasons, some have positive connotation (motivation, love, ambition…) or negative (fear, risk of accident, ambition…), anyway. … Read more

Career plan

Read this article, it talks about the different phases of a professional career. I see so many interesting comments and details on the article: 3 phases of a career, how to balance it with your live, comments about how to move from one place to other. It’s really a nice and clear analysis. The only … Read more

Reward and recognition rules

A reward can be simply defined as a financial or not-financial award that reflects the recognition to a good performance at work. Having said that, the road to obtain these rewards is a complex process full of written and non written rules that needs to be known. These are some of these mistakes and tips … Read more

Educational behaviours

In the education my parents gave me, I learnt to wait for compensation. This was the natural way to do it and I considered as a right to receive it without asking it. To ask for a pride was not considered polite. Then I went to live to this word where you have to ask … Read more

Sad times for lack of assertiveness

In your work environment you have 2 things you take care: The goals related to the work you do, and the relationships you establish with people. These 2 aspects walk in different directions and sometimes is complex to reach a good balance. If your behaviour is so aggressive, you will walk through your goals but … Read more

Do you have a problem or a conflict?

Sometimes you find involved in situations where solutions are not reach easily. Why? Sometimes is because we confuse problems with conflicts. Problem: it’s something logic, you can apply an solution for it. Conflict: it’s something emotional, there is some type of personal interference that usually does not allow to find a solution. Take care to … Read more