Survive, this is the more powerful fuel you can have, the need to survive is a basic instinct that is there and when it’s pushed, it works and put people on motion.

People often move or react by different reasons, some have positive connotation (motivation, love, ambition…) or negative (fear, risk of accident, ambition…), anyway.

In modern professional live, the situation is quite similar. Depending how small is your comfort zone, you will have situations where you need to survive. You and the colleagues around you are under the same situation. You can look around and see:

  1. People who are in the comfort zone 8 hours a day, and they have no intention of go away from there. The day they are pointed to change, they burn out or survive.
  2. People who have cycles, being some periods of time on the comfort zone and then accepting challenges.
  3. People who is used to be out of the comfort zone, and are willing to continue in that way of life. They understand that situation as “another day in the office”, they cannot understand what others are doing.

This third group of people, when you combine them with the right skills and with the right motivation, then the result makes the difference.

In modern professional live, the reasons to survive are different:

  1. People hate to talk to others, they move to back-office positions or developer roles.
  2. People willing to do not stress, they will take service support or administrative jobs.
  3. People with lack of analytical skills, they will look for jobs where they can put in place their other intelligences.
  4. ….

Look for the needs of the people around you: what they hate, what the love, what they fear…


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