Mobility, time response

On mobile applications time response is one of the key aspects of this ecosystem. Some of the key points that influence on time response are: 1.- the type of application: native application or modified application from another application layer. 2.- The telecommunication channel used for the device (3G, 4G or Wifi connection). 3.- Testing of … Read more

GSM forum

I need to remember this link, a good place for finding solutions for mobile issues.

Blackberry Trackpad

I had an issue with the trackpad of the BB that I would like to remind (link). I had the BB in the pocket and probably some keys + the trackpad was pressed in a sequence that I still do not know. The issue was that the vertical move of the screen was stopped in … Read more

Blackberry, access to a restricted Lotus WSDL

Environment – BES – Lotus Domino Background You are working with the ACL granting whole access to the application. Everything works, but suddenly you retire the anonymous access to the application and all crash. Problem The access of the MDS Studio and the final mobile device is not possible due to these applications do not … Read more

Secure WSDL in Lotus, MDS Forum

I have been doing some Searchs on the Blackberry MDS Forum in order to get information about the problem of access to a secure WSDL published in Lotus Domino Server. Some of the more interesting links for me are: This offers an easy way to fix it link, This other reminds us that we need … Read more

Lotus & Blackberry with MDS Studio

We are studying how to deploy lotus applications with MDS Studio & WSDL. The starting was easy, but the real problem has started when we have tested the security of the Blackberry device to the Lotus Notes database. We have been investigating about the Lotus Notes sessions creation and there is no easy way to … Read more