Blackberry, access to a restricted Lotus WSDL


– Lotus Domino

You are working with the ACL granting whole access to the application. Everything works, but suddenly you retire the anonymous access to the application and all crash.

The access of the MDS Studio and the final mobile device is not possible due to these applications do not understand the HTML screen that shows the server.

These applications understand the call sent when your Lotus Domino Server is configured with Session Authentication = ‘disable’.

You need to configure the Server taking into account that the rest of the applications hosted there need to continue working as the same way that they are currently doing.

With it, the Lotus Notes Administrator allows you to configure the server using Virtual Web Servers and their rules. This kind of configuration allows you to:
  • Allow the current users to access to their Web applications with the existing configuration pattern.
  • Allow the mobile users to access to the WSDL elements using the Session Authentication = “Disable”.

With it, the access of the mobile users is done with the credentials entered when the user access to the application (an username/password screen is shown).

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