Zurmo max_execution_time

I was trying to export data with Zurmo but I obtained a time out exception. On the file phpinfo() the max_execution_time is set to 30 seconds, which is not enough for exporting around 1000 contacts from Zurmo.

You need to increase this max_execution_time parameter, depending on your server capabilities.

DIY Strategy / culture

I found this site through twitter, http://fasterthan20.com/

Why “Faster Than 20″?

Complex social change typically requires at least 20 years. The cynical explanation is that it requires a generation to die off and a new generation to take over before the mindset and corresponding structural shifts can take place. In other words, the bottleneck is people, and people don’t change. They die.

There is a section named DIY strategy / culture, which contains some useful tool-kits, but the section I liked more was the Mindset cards, which contains a 23m useful video.

Strategy & basketball

The military background and the relationship / passion for strategy is something that comes from so many centuries ago: Sun Tzu, Napoleon…

Just in case you do not know, but some of the best coaches of NCAA in the USA comes from the army. I’m referring to a generation of military people who left the army in the seventies and joined universities to lead the best generations of basketball players. They transformed this sport: new vision of the game, new ways of training, the conjunction of the group of players in the court, the changes of pace during the game…. All these principles of the basketball are still valid and supposes to be part of the learning journey.

Two of the most popular coaches that moved from the army to the NCAA are Mike Kryzewski and Bobby Knight.

Their maps are something like this:

Basketball-Plays-Triangle-OffenseIt’s a peaceful way to satisfy their personal desire on strategy and its execution.

Financial responsibility matrix

I’m working on a transformation project where we are replacing people from current organization by other people. The plan has been defined and agreed, after that, the question within the account team was: Who will pay it?

There are different aspects of the transformation and each business unit will have different benefits, different countries involved, so business units and countries want to avoid to pay any extra cent that is not cost related to them.

We have identified another risk: some business units do not want to transform, so keeping all cost into a central cost center will make them to stay as today.

With this scenario, we have defined a financial responsibility matrix where each phase of the KT process is going to be funded by different cost centers.

KT phasesFunded by
On boarding activities to accountAccount
Specific KT to a BUAccount
ShadowingBusiness unit
Reverse shadowingBusiness unit
Operations activitiesService / Project

The first phases will be funded by the account team, they are limited sessions of theory and to take care of this cost will avoid the rejection of the “start”, in addition shows good intentions to support the individual financial goals of the BU leaders. The acceptance criteria after this phase is clear and there are not way to reject an skilled and trained resource.

The shadowing phases will be paid by the business units, we live in the past very long shadowing phases due to “unavailability of taking care of the responsibility” without a real justification. In this way, the BUs are the main organization of having the new people working in operational activities (billable); they cannot afford to have 2 people for the same role for too much time.

Account Manager agrees with the plan and he will be presenting to the team, at the end of the day the money comes from her pocket, so she is the first one interested on having a mechanism to promote savings.

Nothing is perfect, let’s see how this idea works.

Let managers to manage

Micromanagement is still so much present in organizations , this is something that sometimes I forget because it’s so much weird to me that way of managing major deals.

I have seen people affected by micromanagement, careers progression cut, people under sick leave….

and the micro-manager complaining about the lack of time s/he has!

let-managers-to-manageDon’t do it!

Communications curve

Attending a Program Executive course where communications with customer and with internal teams was discussed. So many concepts were reviewed about efficient communication and how to plan and execute it.

This complex discipline that you need to practice everyday, independently of the talent you have. Set a clear goal, understanding of the audience, measure the momentum of the organization, and evaluate the real impact of your actions….

Communication-curveAbout feedback and impact of communications, we reviewed this survey that generated a good discussion with the people attending the course.

Communications-surveyYou can find other interesting information here: http://leaderchat.org/




How to move Prestashop to a new server

If you want to move Prestashop from one server to other, this guide is the more complete one.


In addition to me, I created a parking DNS to redirect the DNS from 1 hosting provider to other without change the domain contract.

I had an issue when uploading the SQL database because it was around 100MB and the time response were timed out. You just need to deselect “Allow the interruption of an import in case the script detects it is close to the PHP timeout limit”.

Once you access to the store admin, you have to review the configuration at least of:

  • Review multi-store URLs
  • Remove couldfront direction in case you have CDN.
  • Review the menu (just in case).
  • In general all modules: Social links, cms block….


Whiteout mail

Awareness about security is always something challenging, and have good habits in this Whiteout.ioarea is important. Mail encryption was always a technical complex issue, but now it seems to be easy for users. The answer is this German company Whiteout.io


Once you install it, you enter your user and generate a PGP key, the first hurdle you find is the way to differentiate between “0” and “O”.

After the installation some useful e-mails are sent to explain you how the public key and the private key use.


Decrypting is slow for the modern life, to open an light e-mail it takes around 1 or 2 seconds, not bad to me.

You will see a “” when the message is encrypted.

The organization of same e-mails in a same line (created by gmail) is not available in Whiteout, so you will see all e-mails from the past ordered in a way that does not make sense to you. This should be improved.

Contacts: if you want to have the contact keys of other users in Whiteout.io you have to import their keys. This will enable encrypted e-mails.

Things that works in a similar way to gmail: Folders,



Motorcycle food delivery + technology = Uber for stuff

There are a lot of local express delivery in a big city that cover main types of activities with a good competitive price. Time is gold and sometimes you need to have a quick delivery that was not planned and you do not want to spend your own time taking the car or a cab to deliver something to the other side of the city.

Do you know if there is a platform as Uber for local express delivery? or if Uber is planning something in this area? I have seen  Gofer It (Uber for stuff), Google Express, and some others. These start-ups are growing on different geographies and it’s question of time that there will be a lot of competence on that niche of “deliver the same day”. In addition it is so much complex to put in place all this type of activity without the people who will deliver.

Think about all motorcycles that delivers food (pizzas, Chinese food, mexican…) during the nighttime. They already are there, and they already do a lot of miles during the day. They could deliver other type of small packages with very good delivery time. The mechanism is similar to Uber: availability, negotiation, delivery, prices….


who will buy Salesforce?

This is a buzz that has moved the market after Salesforce jumped 15% in the market: NYSE:CRM. This is just pure speculation exercise, nothing else.

I have several questions, who, why, when.

Who and why : there are different alternatives, and plausible reasons. These are my bets.


  • Salesforce is having some inability to make waves outside its core competency (CRM) software. Force.com is a growing ecosystem but it’s not enough.
  • Oracle is being unable to be widely considered as a major cloud computing player.
  • The 15% rise is not a overnight consequence, these ORCL-CR discussions come since 2014 (at least).


  • Both companies has a powerful ecosystem (infrastructure & software) oriented mainly on enterprises market.
  • Amazon never published the contribution of AWS to their business and suddenly they did this time, why do they need to show their AWS is a healthy business? A reason could be: we need some money to be able to buy something.


  • Microsoft Dynamics is so far away of the leader of the CRM market: Salesforce. MS Dynamics is covering small size market, but for the blue chips Salesforce is the standard election.
  • Microsoft changes are driving their cloud strategy to better situation and they are capturing a good piece of the infrastructure market.
  • Microsoft SharePoint was supposed to be the collaboration environment with B2B capabilities, but the reality is that it’s not as powerful as it should be. Force.com ecosystem is working better for B2B. SharePoint could stay as document management environment.


  • SAP was not able to jump to the cloud by themselves and after that they bought Ariba.
  • A better integration between CRM & ERP could generate good synergies and opportunities.

Is this the right moment? (when), the overall stock market is living a 6 years rising trend, and there are voices that start to say the market is living a bubble. The question is that money is moved from one place to other when they feel they can earn more in other place. There are 2 worldwide tensions: China (saturated real state market and lowest growth in last 20 years) and oil price (low prices and fracking companies with credit risk). Some of these two could be the ones who make the market to fall. To me this is not the best time to buy.

Bets opened!