Scheduling: Critical Chain Method

Something I didn´t found in PMBOK and Rita Mulcahy’s book about this method: Critical chain project management uses buffer management instead of earned value management to assess the performance of a project. Critical chain method adds the large amounts of safety time to activities in project buffers to protect due-date performance, and to avoid wasting … Read more

Yourdon Negotiating Games

High Level Planning has to be done during the initiating phase of the project. Is this planning supposed to be ‘draft’? Just in the moment you show this schedule, you can find yourself negotiating the project schedule with management. As you are at the beginning of a project, you probably still don’t have all requirements … Read more

Rolling Wave Planning

Reading about Rolling Wave Planning I would like to remember some basic links that have been useful: Managing Product Development Now I have a question, sometimes when I try to use this technique, I have some problems because my sponsor challenges me for more details in the complete plan, and my plan finalizes being … Read more

Project Creep

Uncontrolled changes in a project’s scope or Scope Creep is a risk in most projects. It can happen by a big amount of reasons but the main it’s not being aware of it. So, I would like to review some tips about how to take care about it: Initiation Scope Management starts before the project … Read more

Reach: SIEF Lead Registrant

Be a Lead Registrant under Reach means leading all registration process/activity for a given substance. To take into account: Being Lead means High responsibility but no benefit. A reason to be lead can be presented when they do not trust the others in the same SIEF. When a party is a lead it remains the … Read more