Send your challenge “a map in 7 days”

Step 1

This service is free of charge. No payment is required.

What is the challenge you are facing? what is your problem? what initiative are you launching?….

Tell me what’s going on in the contact form at this link.

Step 2

In a couple of days you will receive a confirmation email with an invitation to the calendar in the next 7 days.

During 30 minutes we will talk about your problem, situation, initiative, product… probably using the Wardley Maps nomenclature.

If you don’t see the invitation, check your spam folder. It will be sent directly with the email address:

Step 3

In a video conference we will discuss your challenge, ask clarifying questions and talk about the challenge.

Step 4

Once we finish the chat, you will receive a basic map of your challenge and your options within 48 hours of our conversation.

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