Mapping sudoku, identifying doctrines


Work on the habits of a given organization and learn to identify the stage where a company is

Table of doctrines and its phases

Simon Wardley identifies 4 major phases of a company/organization in terms of the proposed list of doctrines, they are:

  • #1: Stop self-destructive behavior.
  • #2: Be more context aware.
  • #3: Better for less.
  • #4: Continuous evolution.
Table of doctrines ordered by phases and nature


  1. Read the list of doctrines and get familiar with them.
  2. Ask yourself, does your company have these forms of doctrine? Classify them in red/yellow/green.
  3. For each one of them, write how do you improve the actual situation (actions to be taken)?
  4. Once you have your list of actions ask yourself: What is stopping you for not performing these actions?


  • Is the exercise useful?
  • Did you learn something?
  • Anything to improve?

Many thanks, any constructive feedback is welcome.

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